Website Traffic Tips

How To Generate More Website Traffic

You want to generate more website traffic, correct?. I can also assume this is the reason that you are visiting this page, right?

There are many ways to generate website traffic and many articles can be found on the internet on the subject of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). While SEO is an important subject and should definitely be part of your website traffic generation plans, this article does not intend to cover SEO. This page is specifically dedicated to new members of Autosurf Traffic Exchange and gives them tips on generating heaps of website traffic to their pages using this autosurf exchange.

Getting Started With Autosurf Traffic Exchange

First the quick step

  1. Log in and update your details.
  2. Read our terms BEFORE adding sites.
  3. Add several (preferably 5) unique, interesting and fast loading sites.
  4. Surf 500 pages to get all of the 1,000 bonus joining credits.
  5. Surf 1,000 pages to fully activate your account.
  6. Surf at least  once a week.
  7. Log in and check your sites on a regular basis.
  8. Promote the site to build a team.
  9. Consider upgrading.
  10. If you want even more traffic, ask admin about the Whopper Double Pro membership.
Not really website traffic but you get the idea.
Bangkok Traffic at night. Viewed from the top of Baiyoke Tower. Courtesy of Thai Group Tours

More detail

Most people that arrive at this page have recently joined, or are about to join, Autosurf Traffic Exchange. Here are some more detailed instructions relating to the quick steps above. Follow these steps to make sure you generate the most website traffic that you can from your membership here at Autosurf Traffic Exchange.

  1. Update your details. When your account is first created, you were given a member ID and a password. If you did not write this down, you can ask for it to be sent to you at Enter the email address you used to join, and your user ID and password will be sent to you. We recommend that you Log In to your members area and update your password to something easy for you to remember but hard for someone to guess.
  2. Read the terms. Many members do not bother to read our terms and add sites that are simply garbage. They have popups, break frames, fail to load within the surf frame, have adult content etc. Any sites that break our terms at any time will be deleted without notice.
  3. Add several UNIQUE sites. This is for a number of reasons. First it adds variety. Second it helps protect you a little if admin deletes a site due to term violation. If you have five unique sites and there is a problem with one then your hits are still delivered to the other four sites. quality pages for other members to look at. If they are all the same, and there is a problem, then all five will be deleted. Keep them simple, attractive and fast loading. Each page should have a specific purpose. Adding multiple pages also increases the overall hits that you will see delivered. This is because I have written the script to automatically reward members who have multiple pages. More pages = more rewards.
  4. To stop people from joining just for the free credits, we insist that you visit at least 500 pages before the full 1,000 credits are fully released. Before the 500 mark, the free credits are released on a 1-1 basis. For example if you surf 100 pages, then you earn 80 credits but receive 100 of the free credits making 180 hits to your pages.
  5. The next benchmark is at 1,000 visits. We then consider you a fully active member and start giving you extra little bonuses.
  6. Surf at least once a week. This keeps your membership at the fully active status and entitles you to bonuses based on the number of unique sites you have in rotation. Pro members are not required to surf every week as they are considered to be paying for their advertising rather than earning it by surfing.
  7. Check your sites on a regular basis. It is not uncommon that members do not log in to check their sites for several months. At the time I am writing this we have 16 members still surfing on a regular basis that have over 50,000 credits but no active sites. Ten of them have over 100,000 and two have over 200,000. Two members members who was surfing yesterday have 119,346.20 and 61,530.40 credits and has NEVER submitted  sites. The other 14 have had sites deleted and some of these were the first sites they submitted while others were good sites originally but developed problems after approval. One of the most common reasons for sites to be removed are caused by third party advertising that the member has no control over. These may contain adult content or run popup and page breaking scripts. Please consider carefully when submitting sites containing scripted third party ads.
  8. Autosurf Traffic Exchange members can generate a lot of website traffic by promoting and team building. Our top team builder, (unfortunately now believed to be deceased) has generated 2,300,190 credits from his team building efforts. We have 14 members who have earned over 100,000 hits from their team building. It takes a while to build a sizable team and keep them active but it is worth the effort long term.
  9. Consider upgrading. Upgraded members of Autosurf Traffic Exchange get many benefits to help build more website traffic. They get a big pool of free credits every month. They get a higher earning ratio. Their account remains permanently active. If they run low on credits, we top up the account every 30 minutes so they never run out. They can add more sites therefore can earn more loyalty bonuses. In short they get a lot more website traffic and they get it delivered faster.
  10. The Whopper Double Pro has two pro memberships and is designed for those that are serious about generating maximum website traffic. The first membership is a regular pro membership with all its’ added advantages. The second is a special membership that gets between 15 and 35 credits streamed every 30 minutes. The minimum is 15 but the maximum could be over 35 depending on the number surfing at the time. The monthly total credits for the second pro is around 30,000 credits. This is a bargain at just $7.50 per month. ($15.00 total for the Whopper Double Pro)

If you have any other questions or tips for other members relating to generating more website traffic, please add them to the comments below or to the comments on our FAQ page

Earn Four Credits for Every Visit

Read How

One of the most time consuming things for an admin of a traffic exchange is to test and approve sites.

This for me has been extremely difficult as I have recently spent so much of my time travelling Thailand with Thai Group Tours.

To solve this problem, I am offering the opportunity for a small number of members to assist in the site approval.

I have modified the script so that there is no need to have admin access to the site, but simply a modified surf link.

What the new surf link does, is first cycle through all the new sites that have been submitted. Once a site has been viewed a minimum of 10 times by our testers, it will automatically be approved and activated for rotation to all members.

Once all new sites have been approved it then sequentially checks all other sites so that testers will hopefully find those problem sites that may have been sitting idle for some time.

There are some observations that I will need to make so that you can consider if this opportunity is ideal for you.

  1. You must understand that you will get a lot of problem sites. Some days over half the sites submitted are rejected due to terms violations such as popups, frame breakers, sound, slow loading and adult content.
  2. You must promise to watch constantly while the sites rotate. No taking breaks for toilet or coffee while using the testing surf :)
  3. You will be given a special membership level with a 30 second timer and 4 credits for every page viewed.
  4. You must watch for and accurately report bad sites.

If this is something you would like to do, log in to your Members Area send me a note via the Admin Contact form.


Less is More

Multiple Traffic Exchanges Closed Today

My first experience with traffic exchanges was back in 2003 when I joined MagicHighway plus a few other traffic exchanges in an effort to promote some affiliate programs.

In mid 2004, the original owner of MagicHighway sent a derogatory letter to members, blaming them for the lack of success he was having with the traffic exchange. I replied with some comments, and in short, ended up buying the exchange from him.

I installed a new script and relaunched Magic Highway on August 05 2004 and closed it today on June 30 2015.

During those 10+ years I started several other traffic exchanges and generated a lot of traffic. At the peak with all exchanges combined, we were generating close to 1,000,000 hits a day to members sites.

Unfortunately, over the last few years, I have not been able to spend the required time to keep them all running at their best and it has sometimes been weeks or even months between visits for site approval.

Despite this lack of attention Autosurf Traffic Exchange survived and members continued to surf and generate traffic.

My time is still limited, so I have decided to make some changes to the script. The change will allow it to run almost unattended with members checking the sites for other members. I believe this can work. I believe we will see Autosurf Traffic Exchange performing as it once did, and as it should. I will post more on this blog about how the script works to make sure everyone understands the benefits.

As the heading says, Less is More. With less traffic exchanges to manage, I can give more time to Autosurf Traffic Exchange.

Today I wish to thank all the members of Autosurf Traffic Exchange for their continued efforts and we are now seeing the number of hits delivered increasing at a rapid rate.