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One of the most time consuming things for an admin of a traffic exchange is to test and approve sites.

This for me has been extremely difficult as I have recently spent so much of my time travelling Thailand.

To solve this problem, I am offering the opportunity for a small number of members to assist in the site approval.

I have modified the script so that there is no need to have admin access to the site, but simply a modified surf link.

What the new surf link does, is first cycle through all the new sites that have been submitted. Once a site has been viewed a minimum of 10 times by our testers, it will automatically be approved and activated for rotation to all members.

Once all new sites have been approved it then sequentially checks all other sites so that testers will hopefully find those problem sites that may have been sitting idle for some time.

There are some observations that I will need to make so that you can consider if this opportunity is ideal for you.

  1. You must understand that you will get a lot of problem sites. Some days over half the sites submitted are rejected due to terms violations such as popups, frame breakers, sound, slow loading and adult content.
  2. You must promise to watch constantly while the sites rotate. No taking breaks for toilet or coffee while using the testing surf 🙂
  3. You will be given a special membership level with a 30 second timer and 4 credits for every page viewed.
  4. You must watch for and accurately report bad sites.

If this is something you would like to do, log in to your Members Area send me a note via the Admin Contact form.


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