The following list of Frequently Asked Questions should answer most of your queries. If you cannot find the answer here, please leave a comment below, or contact support from within your members area.

What is done to prevent cheating?

We keep records on every single click. We know every single IP, ISP, Browser, Agent, Referrer, time etc.

We do not disclose full information on how we catch cheaters as that would simply help them hide from us.
There are other means of cheating prevention in use will not be mentioned here.

How do I report a site if I believe it breaks the terms?

Admin does not see everything. While surfing you will sometimes see pages breaking the rules of AutoSurf Traffic Exchange making life harder for honest members. You can report such pages by clicking the [View/Report Recent Site] link which will show the 10 latest sites you have visited. Click on the report link beside the offending site and fill in the form. This immediately takes the offending site out of rotation pending our inspection.

Can I use a URL rotator?

In principle site rotators are a great idea. In practice they cause many problems. Every site within a rotator must abide by our terms. If any problem sites are contained within a rotator then your rotator will be banned and repeated offenders may have their account deleted. If this sounds harsh then I make no apologies as I consider the enjoyment of my loyal members to be of paramount importance. If you add multiple unique sites, and one causes a problem, it is easy for admin to identify and remove the site from rotation. This leaves all your other sites active and receiving hits. In the case of rotators, it makes it difficult for the problem site to be identified and and if disabled you get no hits to any sites contained within the rotator. Normally rotators will be deleted, with the exception of well known rotators added by trusted members.

How do I add a web site so other members can view it?

Login to your member admin area. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and click the Manage web sites – View web site stats link. This will open another window that will allow you to add, delete or pause any of your web sites. You can also find your deleted and previously added urls under “Deleted sites”.

How do I view my downline?

In your members area click the “view referrals” link. This will also show how active the members in your downline are.

Is my site tested for terms violation?

When you add a new site to AutoSurf Traffic Exchange your ‘Web site’ is tested and you are asked to confirm that your web site doesn’t violate any of our our terms of service. This is only a basic test, and in addition, the site administrators will manually view and test your web site.

Please make sure you read our terms and do not attempt to add any sites that break them. Heavy penalties may apply.

Frame breakers are web sites containing code designed to break the page out of any other frame. Our surf page, consists of 2 frames, a top frame and a mainframe. The targeted web site will show up in the mainframe. If the targeted web site is a frame breaker it will take over the whole window / screen, hence surfing stops. Frame breaking code is usually javascript code. Any member who repeatedly adds a frame breaker or any other site that stops the smooth rotation of sites ricks having their account deleted.

I do not appear to be getting credited for all my page views. What could cause this?

The following reasons are common:

  1. You are not waiting long enough between page views. The bottom frame must reload at the predetermined time. Wait for the timer to count down and do not refresh the page manually or using a robotic script.
  2. Your account may have been set as inactive by admin due to activity violating our terms.
  3. You may have suffered a credit penalty for adding sites that violate our terms. For example if you have multiple breaches of our terms, a credit penalty may be deducted from your account. This is not often applied, but if you constantly annoy our testing staff, it can happen.
  4. Wrong surf-for-credits-link url. It could be misspelled or missing. Keep your eyes open and make sure you are not surfing using the wrong user id number.

Why do I never see my own page?

It´s taken for granted that you do not want to see your own site as you surf as this will waste your time and your credits.

What is the fastest way to view my stats?

As you surf, the first line of the bottom surf bar shows how many sites you have visited.
The second line shows how many hits you received in return .
Third line shows how many credits are left on your account – hits to be delivered.

Are Multiple Accounts Allowed

A member is not allowed to have multiple accounts, unless they are Double Whopper Pro Accounts

Referring yourself is cheating.

If you wish to have two memberships for the same household, then you must notify us before you create the second account as the IP address is tracked and when two members are surfing from the same IP address this flags both members as potential cheaters and one or both accounts may be disabled or deleted.

How do I know how many times other members have viewed my sites?

Inside your member’s area you can view Visited sites, Hits total, Credits left, Referral earnings and Hits to Referral page. You can review your daily statistics for the past 30 days.

How can I earn earn credits and have my Web Site shown to other members?

  1. By using your unique view-for-credits-link; You will earn credits every time you visit another member’s page. Once the timer has counted down the required wait time, you are automatically take to the next member’s site.
  2. You also earn credits from your “Downline”. Each time they earn their credits you will automatically earn credits too. This is an excellent way to generate traffic. The more members in your downline, the more credits you will earn. You will find your Referral stats in your member admin area.

How do I view for credits?

First you must create a membership. When you join you are issued with a member ID and password. Inside your members area you will find links to your surfing URL and also referral links etc. Just click the Surf link on the menu and your browser will open and start displaying the web sites of other members. You do not have to be logged in to use your surf link, however we  do recommend that you log in to your members area each time you surf to check for any messages or warning and also double check your sites are still in rotation.

Can I change my details or delete my own account?

When you join, you are allocated a unique member ID number which can’t be changed. Also at the time of joining a password is automatically generated for you. You can change this password at any time from within your members area. You may also change your email address and your name.

For login purposes you can also use either your email address or your member number.
Passwords are Case SenSitive. “Greta” is not the same as “GREta”.

If you have forgotten your password you can retrieve it by the “Forgotten Password ” link on the login page.

If for some reason you decide to delete your account, click the [Delete Account] link in your Members Area.

I use a third party tracking system and the logs do not tally. Why is this?

This is a common question on many traffic exchanges, especially exchanges that have a short required view time.

Possible causes may be:

  1. Your site loads too slowly, not within the predetermined allotted time (30 seconds), and the ‘next page’ is loaded before your site is loaded.Keep your site a quick one to load and make sure it´s not frequently down or unavailable, please!
  2. Many trackers depend on images, if another member does not have image enabled in their browser you might have no logs at all from views by that user.
  3. Your tracker software is remotely hosted:
    Remotely hosted trackers or counters also must load. The viewer might go to the next page before the remote tracker is loaded. We strongly recommend you to install your own tracker on your own domain and track the hit before the page is loaded. This will give the most accurate stats reporting. Personally I prefer to write my own tracking scripts to ensure accurate statistics even then there are things that will stop a hit from being accurately recorded. However having said that, I do believe that some traffic exchanges may incorrectly record a page view and if you have any questions on this subject please attend one of our regular conference sessions or use the contact link to send a support request.
  4. URL is not entered correctly, misspelled or ending username is missing: Look in your member account area. The url must start with “http://”, no breaks, no white spaces, one line only. Remember, our software is calling for your site by the user id. The url itself is your contribution. Also be careful not to duplicate http://http:// as I have sometimes seen.
  5. A visitors Browser settings can and often does affect stats.

Can I purchase additional credits?

Yes you may purchase as many credits as you wish under the Buy menu in your member’s area.
Occasionally there may be special promotions offering exceptional deals on credit purchases.

How do I allocate credits to my web sites?

Credits are automatically added and distributed evenly between your active sites. If you want one web site to receive more hits than another, you may add it multiple times. The more credits you have on your account, the more often one of your web sites will be displayed to another member.

If you only have one page to show, please do not list it more than once, you will not get more hits to page just because the one page is listed multiple times.

You can stop a page from rotating if you click the ‘Pause’ link.
User account and Web site must be ‘Active’ in order to use this option.
To reactivate a paused page click the ‘Activate’ link which will appear after you have clicked ‘Pause’ link.

DELETE: When deleting a page it will be removed from the list to a ‘deleted urls database’ so you will always be able to view your ‘page history’, url and hits.

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    • Hi Ron

      I managed to log in using the details you posted.

      The most common reason for not being able to log in is a typo in the password. 0 vs o vs O and 1 vs I vs l etc.

      It is generally best to copy and paste the password from your email to avoid the accidental typo.

    • Hi Chris

      I see you have 10 active banners in rotation. Do you still have a problem or is everything ok now?
      Also for the benefit of other members, did you discover the cause of the problem?


    • This is normally set for all users. I am willing to customize the timer for upgraded members or members that purchase credits.

    • Thanks for the feedback on this.

      I am having some problems reproducing the error.

      It appears as if something is killing your session cookies.

      Can you describe in a little more detail when it is asking you to log in again?
      What do you click immediately before you get another login?
      What browser and version are you using?


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