Less is More

Multiple Traffic Exchanges Closed Today

My first experience with traffic exchanges was back in 2003 when I joined MagicHighway plus a few other traffic exchanges in an effort to promote some affiliate programs.

In mid 2004, the original owner of MagicHighway sent a derogatory letter to members, blaming them for the lack of success he was having with the traffic exchange. I replied with some comments, and in short, ended up buying the exchange from him.

I installed a new script and relaunched Magic Highway on August 05 2004 and closed it today on June 30 2015.

During those 10+ years I started several other traffic exchanges and generated a lot of traffic. At the peak with all exchanges combined, we were generating close to 1,000,000 hits a day to members sites.

Unfortunately, over the last few years, I have not been able to spend the required time to keep them all running at their best and it has sometimes been weeks or even months between visits for site approval.

Despite this lack of attention Autosurf Traffic Exchange survived and members continued to surf and generate traffic.

My time is still limited, so I have decided to make some changes to the script. The change will allow it to run almost unattended with members checking the sites for other members. I believe this can work. I believe we will see Autosurf Traffic Exchange performing as it once did, and as it should. I will post more on this blog about how the script works to make sure everyone understands the benefits.

As the heading says, Less is More. With less traffic exchanges to manage, I can give more time to Autosurf Traffic Exchange.

Today I wish to thank all the members of Autosurf Traffic Exchange for their continued efforts and we are now seeing the number of hits delivered increasing at a rapid rate.



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